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Welcome to the Harvest Outreach Ministries

We are a group of pastors and police officers, businessmen and managers, fathers and sons, mothers and daughters.  We are real people with real jobs with real purpose and direction. Because of this purpose and direction, we find ourselves compelled to create opportunities to invoke a revolution, a cultural revolution.   We believe in order to initiate change in our families, in our communities, in our cities, in our state and country, and in our world we have to first change how society interacts, what society values, and what society believes.  In order to invoke change in individuals, we have to change the cultural in which they live, learn, and lead.  We have created four unique culture changing environments, with more on the horizon.  We are about change, but we arenít trying to force change on anybody.  We are simply creating opportunities for people to find change themselves.  The only change that is resolute is the change brought on by hope, peace, purpose and direction.  Change has to be discovered, sought out even.  It cannot be forced or bargained or justified.   That is essentially what we do.  We want to live, and invite others to live, in such a way that we bring hope for the future, peace to hearts and minds, purpose in waking, and direction in living.  We invite you to join us in this fight, this revolution.

Dynamite Basketball in full go.
Monday, Jun 29, 2009 1:38pm

Dynamite Basketball, one of the ministries of Harvest, has just completed phase one of its summer camps and is about to embark on phase two beginning in July.  For more information on Dynamite Basketball check on its link at the top of the home page. [more]

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